After loosing my 18 year old cat, I talked to my Vet who owns a All Feline Clinic here in New Orleans. I asked him where he got his 2 beautiful Maine Coons that came to work with him every day?  He said “Stormytown Maine Coons in Iowa”, and recommended them highly.  I contacted Steve and felt comfortable instantly. I had been doing some investigating on my own, and was running into scam after scam. I nearly fell for some too.  You can tell instantly that Steve is not a scam.  I picked out my Olllie, and considered flying up to get him.  Steve offered to have his “cat delivery lady” bring him down.  It was a little more expensive than shipping him, but much cheaper than doing it myself would have been.  He arrived with the courier and was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. His handsomeness is only eclipsed by his charm!  We love our kitten, and now realize why people from all over the USA are willing to wait for their Stormytown Kitten. Thanks Steve!!!

Claudia in Louisiana

We are so glad that we found Steve and Donna at Stormytown!  After getting scammed online for $1,400, Stormytown has redeemed our faith that there is a great place to buy a quality Kitten!  Our girl is just beautiful, and so friendly. We will be adding another kitten soon and will look no farther than Stormytown for our next kitty!  Beware online…. we are an educated Family, and cant believed we fell for the online scam, but hope our money is helping a needy African family!  LOL.  You have to laugh or you will cry!

Kate and Family in Iow

We just purchased our THIRD Stormytown kitten. She is just a delight, and integrated into our Family instantly!  Steve and Donna at Stormytown are the BEST!

Cindy in Alabama

I have now had Sebastian for two days and I just had to write. I have had cats all my life, even when I was on the road singing in the early 70’s I picked up two strays who traveled with me. Tigger was my favorite, a 22 pound classic tabby maine coon who was my very best friend. I found that maine coons were the most enjoyable and people oriented cats I had ever owned. And, when Tigger died at 19 my husband wanted us to wait a year before getting a new kitty. I just want to say that I have never dealt with a more amiable breeder than Steve at Stormytown is. There was no pressure, he was not in it not for the money but for the love of raising and breeding quality maine coons, but until I got Sebastian (formally Hans) did I realize that I made the best choice of my life. Sebastian came to me already litter trained, he knew the word “NO” he was people oriented and was the most loveable kitten I have ever had. This made me realize that Stormytown brings their kittens in the world with love and one on one attention. Because Stormytown does not breed kittens in quantity but breeds for just the love of doing it he came to me already oriented to be a house-bound cat. Steve worked with me and had him neutered, he had his shots, and was a kitten ready made for love. I want you to know that in my entire life I have never had a kitten bond with me so quickly. He was right at home the minute I put him on the bed. He ran from condo to kitty city tried every one of the toys used his kitty box after showing him one time. He already knew his name. He loved us with unconditional love right away and I can only attribute that to the fact that he was given individual love from the beginning, Steve, I love him so very much I just can’t stop being so happy. After talking to me you knew the personality that would go with us. He has spunk, loves food and loves us, loves toys and loves to play. He is a people cat and I just love him. I am very anxious to get a sister for Sebastian and know that for any future cats I will go to no one but Stormytown, Thank you Thank you. I will definitely let anyone who asks me know that they can fully trust Stormytown.

Elaine & Jeff in Hollywood, CA

Steve….. A heartfelt note to say thank you. You raised such a beautiful baby girl. My vet said you bred a beautiful kitten, and also remarked how clean she was when I brought her in upon her arrival. My Calico girl Faith is beautiful, with a sweet disposition. You nurtured and socialized her to be loving and affectionate. Faith wants to be with me always and even sleeps behind my head on my pillow. She is my shadow, she goes everywhere I go. I want you to know that I think you are just fantastic. You understood all that I was going through after the passing of my 14 year companion cat Punkin, and the individual attention you gave me made me feel like I was your only client. Although we never meet, I must thank you for bringing Life and Kitten Love back in my home. I cannot thank you enough for raising such a wonderful, loving kitten. I can tell Faith was loved from the start, and I truly appreciate the quality of your cattery. Proof is in the little Calico girl purring half on my lap and half on my laptop. Although I was very concerned with the shipping of her, the trip from Iowa to NY, could not have gone smoother! I was able to track her flight, you kept in touch me during the day, and she arrived safe and sound. She showed no signs of trauma or anything of the sort. I look forward to seeing you at one of the local cat shows as I’d love to meet you!

PS… from Faith “I too wanted to let you know I’m ok, I love my new home and my mommy is the greatest. I’m what they call spoiled and thats not bad!”

Elaina in New York

I began looking at some of the breeder sites some time after we lost our male Maine Coone of thirteen years. When I saw Skelton’s picture on the Stormytown site I just knew he was exactly the cat I was looking for. I could see his personality shining through and really liked him right away. I was a little concerned about getting an animal from someone that I had never met from a place I had never visited. So I called Steve and he was very kind and understanding. We talked at some length and I discovered that I liked his philosophy of how pets should be treated and cared for, but he was a little out of my price range. To top it off my son and my husband both told me that they were not ready for another cat, yet. So for about a month or more, I looked at Skelton’s picture every couple of days and thought about how nice it would be to own such a fine looking fellow. Then about a week before my birthday, which is on August 30th the notice that I was dreading came up on the web page. Skelton was sold. I got a little misty in the eye and told my husband, Carl, that “my” kitten was gone and that I sure hope he went to really good home. My husband assured me that he was sure that Steve had found Skelton a good place to live.

Carl told me the week of my birthday that he would be out of town at a business meeting on August 29th. He does go out of town for business every so often so I didn’t fine it strange. Carl called in the early afternoon and told me that he was going to pick up my birthday gift on the way home from “the guy that made it” and that he would give it to me when he got home because “it won’t keep until tomorrow”. What could he have gotten me? Something to eat? A piece of custom made art that he didn’t want to leave in the car overnight? I was definitely curious, but still didn’t have a clue. My son, Ian, insisted that if I was going to do any shopping I should get it done before Carl got back from his meeting. When I got home on the afternoon of the 29th, Ian had straightened the house a bit and volunteered to bring in the groceries from the car (Ian is 14, so you can see why that is something odd). He told me to just sit down and relax because Carl had called and would be home in just a few minutes. So I sat and waited. When Carl came through the door he had a fairly good sized box wrapped in balloon birthday paper. The clever man had cut holes in it for the cat, but not on the side I could see. For whatever reason, Skelton wasn’t jumping around either. Still clueless, I took the top off the box and my beautiful kitten looked up at me. I just took him in my arms and petted him and cried (softly so as not to startle the golden jewel in my arms). Next to the night Carl proposed, Skelton is the best gift I have ever gotten.

We have had Skelton for about a week now. He is without a doubt the sweetest most perfect kitten in the whole world. He has adjusted to our home very well and has the run of the whole house. He sleeps with Carl and I at night. If we had to pay for gas to run his motor we would be completely broke, he purrs non-stop. I can’t say enough about how happy I am that the good home Steve found for Skelton is mine! Skelton is a pure joy to have in our home and I am surely in love with this cat. I would definitely recommend Steve to other people who are looking for a great kitten to love and cherish.

Thank you Steve, you have no idea how happy you have made our family with little (or not so little) Stomytown’s Skelton the Red Rapscallion, affectionately known as Skeltie.

Brin in Minneapolis

In every respect, my experience with Steve Brock, of Stormytown, has exceeded my expectations. He is honest, knowledgeable, and provides frequent, forthright and newsy communications with lots of pictures. It is obvious that Steve takes very good care of his Maine Coons and is serious about a positive breeding program. He also is serious about finding good homes for his kittens. Steve is incredibly accommodating. He, kindly, agreed to ship my kitten….and, to do so, had to get up at 2:00 a.m. to get to the Omaha airport in time for the 7:00 a.m. departure. Our sweet, red and white,12-week old purrball arrived safely a couple of hours later. Amazing. His giant ear tufts and lynx tips are long enough to dust my ceiling fans! Steve called immediately to make sure all was well.

I had just one difficulty in all of my dealings with Stormytown…which was that I had a self-imposed limit of only one kitten. The entire litter of seven was fabulous.

Diana in Texas

In my search for a Maine Coon kitten, I found Stormytown by Googling for “grand champion Maine Coons”. Living 1,000 miles from Iowa in PA, I was not familiar with Stormytown Cattery, but I was familiar with the excellent pedigree of its breeding males and females. I also liked the informational I decided to give Stormytown a try. Lucky for me.

I would never hesitate for ONE SECOND to adopt another kitten from Steve. My Deacon (aka Jerry) is perfect in every way. When I took him to the vet for the first time, I thought I was never going to get him back, because the doctors and staff just kept wanting to hold him! They are very familiar with Maine Coons, and could not get over his beautiful breeding, and how beautifully socialized and friendly he was. Throughout the adoption process, Steve could have not been more honest and open about the qualities and personality of each kitten. With his great pictures and correspondence, my decision was almost as easy as if I had been there. Deacon is happy, confident, very smart and loving – a sweet gentle little- (soon to be very large!) – angel! I wouldn’t trade him for the world. I look forward to adopting a friend for Deacon in the future. I cannot tell you what a pleasure it was to work with Steve and Stormytown.

Barbara in Pennsylvania

My family and I had the pleasure of having Deacon visit us while his owner Barbara went to North Carolina on vacation. I can not tell you how impressed we were with Deacon. He is a wonderful, wonderful kitten. We have 2 cats and a dog of our own and when Deacon arrived none of it fazed him. He wasn’t sure of the dog (a 90 lb. Chesapeake Bay Retriever) but he was absolutely fine with our 2 cats, Sassy, and Daphne. Sassy could take or leave Deacon, and he respected her position as the elder “statescat”, and concentrated on getting to know Daphne. While the 2 did not become best buddies and share sofa or bed space (Daphne’s rule, not Deacon’s) they chased each other all over and got along very well. As for my son, it was a mutual love fest, with Kevin sharing his bed with Deacon. We all enjoyed Deacon and marveled at how confident he was. He could have chosen to hide behind the sofa or under a bed, but instead he was always around, playing, loving and purring. Barbara has shared your e-mails and pictures of Deacon since she first contacted you and picked out Deacon as a 5 week old kitten. It has been a lot of fun watching him grow. Deacon has brought so much pleasure and love to Barbara, and she just beams when I ask her about him. Please accept my congratulations on breeding/raising such a high quality cats. All of our animals are rescues but if I were looking for a cat of the highest quality in looks and PERSONALITY, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact you. Besides, I’ve never been to Iowa!

Ellie in Quakertown, PA

Steve… I can’t say enough to thank you for the beautiful boy that we now share our home with. Apollo is everything we could have hoped for. He’s very smart, and forever the prankster, but also so sweet and loving. When bringing a new kitten home, everyone worries about how long it will take them to be situated, and get used to their new environment, but Apollo settled in from the very start, you can tell he was loved and socialized well. We have 3 other cats, and a large chow-shepherd mix and it was a little nerve-wracking wondering how the kitten would take to all the new animals. He’s brought life back into our older cats (he’s the youngest by 8 years), and he’s the only cat I’ve ever owned (between my own, kittens I’ve bred, or fostered) that actually will play with the dog, and is convinced that the dog’s tail was created solely for his playing pleasure and pounces on him from the couch then wrestles. He’s teaching our older cats how to play again, even our other Maine Coon Speller (Pawtalk Spelled Out In Blk&Wht) our oldest will play with him sometimes, and she mothers him all of the time. He’s been so good for our home. Thank you, Steve, for raising such a beautiful boy. Anyone who wishes to can feel free to contact me with questions, I’m always happy to talk about our baby.

Sarah in Bismarck, ND

I began a thorough search and contacted several breeders. We live in Arizona and it was actually a Arizona breeder who recommended Steve Brock of Stormytown. When I contacted Steve, I was immediately impressed with his professionalism, honesty, and eagerness to answer all of my questions. After quite a wait , we were rewarded with our two absolutely gorgeous, and loving Maine Coon kittens, Boomer and Bailey. During our wait for the kittens to be born, Steve kept us up-to-date.

We originally had asked for two males, thinking they were larger (which we liked) and more independent. Steve had always recommended that we keep an open mind to consider a girl. We made the plunge when a male (Boomer) and female (Bailey) became available. It’s wonderful to have such different looking kitties, and their personalities are so different, too. Boomer is cautious and big and very furry. He sort of lumbers around, leaping (not too gracefully), but always willing to play. Bailey is much more curious about the world and eager to explore and she loves to cuddle with us, often sleeping beside us in bed or even on my lap. It’s so nice to have the combination. We often say how happy we are that we went the way we did! We can’t tell Steve that as that will give him the chance to say “I told you so!”

When Boomer and Bailey were ready to come to us. It was mid-August here in Phoenix and the temperatures were too high to have our kitties shipped here. We decided to drive to San Diego, and have Boomer and Bailey sent there. As it turned out, the plane had some problems and kitties and passengers were rerouted on another plane that got into San Diego hours later than originally planned. Steve kept in touch with us during the ordeal, and the kitties arrived safely. We were a bit frazzled, but the kittens were not phased a bit. We had an unplanned, but wonderful first evening with our new kitties in a hotel in San Diego before our drive home.

Add us to the list of customers that would not hesitate to recommend Steve and Stormytown. Oh, and Boomer and Bailey are still gorgeous, fun and happy and healthy. Thanks again, Steve (and Lt. Dan and Shorty—the “kitty parents”)

Jan in Arizona

Steve…. I felt I had to write and tell you that Pebbles is all you promised she would be and more. We knew from the photos you had shared that she was an exceptionally beautiful girl, but now that she’s here we are absolutely thrilled at her charming personality and how quickly she has adjusted to her new home. (And honestly–as beautiful as she was in the pictures, they did not do her justice!) When Susan first referred us to you, she told us that Stormytown cats were top quality and extremely well socialized, and that you were not only a highly reputable and conscientious Maine Coon breeder, but a pleasure to work with; she couldn’t have been more accurate. Thank you so much for all your help and advice–for listening to what we hoped to find in our new kitty and helping match us with the perfect kitten. It’s clear you care deeply about the Maine Coon breed and the type of kittens Stormytown produces, and that you place the well-being and future of your cats at the top of your priorities. We are so happy with our new girl that we have already decided to bring home a buddy for Pebbles (and for us) in the near future, and Stormytown is the only place we’d consider for our next Maine Coon. You’re the best!

Cary in Tennessee

I purchased a kitten from Stormytown Cattery. I bought Charlie sight unseen and he was shipped to me. Since day one it’s been one adventure after another. Charlie is perfect, he’s inquisitive, smart, playful, and too many other things to write about. I thought it would take him a few weeks to become acclimated to a new home, but it only took a few days. You can tell he has been very well socialized. His health is absolutely 100% perfect. I took him to my vet & she was very impressed. As she said, you have to be so careful who you get a kitten from, especially buying out of state from someone you don’t know. She said we had a good one, but of course we already knew that! I would never hesitate to purchase a feline from Steve. He is very informative & doesn’t mind how many questions you ask, or what you ask him. Steve asked me if Charlie is everything I wanted & expected…. Charlie is that & more! We don’t own Charlie… he owns us! If you have any questions for me, don’t hesitate to email me.

Sharon & Jim in Pennsylvania

Steve, Sorry it’s taken so long for me to get you an update, I’m terrible about things like this. At any rate, Max (formerly Lionel) is growing into such a big,fun, loving boy! He is the star at our vet, and besides being so handsome he’s getting huge! He also plays with our husky constantly, they’re either rough housing or causing trouble as partners in crime. I can’t thank you enough for letting us bring Max into our home. See the attached pictures – Thanks again.

Stephanie (and Max) in Minneapolis

It gives me great pleasure to share my experiences with Stormytown Maine Coons. I began my search for a second Maine Coon in January of this year. Let’s just say I hit pretty much every website imaginable. I almost gave up until I discovered Steve’s beautiful kitten’s. I was sold instantly. I called him right away to see if Holly was still available and sure enough she was. It was destiny.

For me it was enjoyable and very easy talking with Steve, he answered all of my question’s, and made me feel very comfortable. When it was time for my family and I to pick Holly up, we meet Steve halfway. When I saw Holly, I fell in love with her all over again. The trip home was about 5.5 hours and Holly did wonderful. The whole family got to take turns holding her and she had no fear. As soon as we walked in the house and let her discover her new home it was like she had just got back . from a vet app. or something like that. She went right to the food and water bowl and used the litter pan as if she lived her since she was born. Steve did a wonderful job of raising Holly now known as Porsche. We couldn’t imagine any better kitten. He really know’s his stuff! You are welcome to contact me for any questions.

Mary in Wisconsin

We began looking for a Maine Coon kitten last May. While searching the Internet for a reputable breeder, we found the Stormytown web site and were impressed by Steve’s credentials and beautiful cats. However, since the personality of our kitten was very important to us, we were concerned about adopting a kitten sight unseen. After a phone conversation with Steve, I was assured that raising confident, sociable cats was also a priority for him. At the time there were no kittens available, so we sent a deposit for a kitten from a litter that was due within the next few weeks. When the kittens were born, Steve emailed their pictures at one day old. It was very exciting to see them, although we could not select our kitten until they were 8 weeks old. As the kittens grew and matured, Steve continued to send pictures and updates about their health and personalities. Since we were 4th on the list for four kittens, the one we would receive depended on the choices of the people ahead of us. Steve assured us that we could choose from the next available litter if we so desired. Actually, any of the kittens from the current litter would have been fine with us. We chose to adopt Arby (aka Arlo), a red and white tabby. We fell in love with our kitten from the moment that Delta Airlines handed him to us at the Harrisburg Airport. Not only is he beautiful, he is also one of the sweetest and most loving kittens I’ve ever met. When we got him home, he walked out of his crate and was completely at ease in our home. He also immediately bonded with our two adult cats. I never expected that to happen so quickly. I always plan for a period of adjustment when brining a new kitten into our home. We are absolutely thrilled with Arlo, and would highly recommend Stormytown to anyone looking to adopt a Maine Coon kitten. We can’t thank Steve enough for our beautiful, loveable kitten!

MaryRose & Andrew – Harrisburg, PA

I cannot believe how incredibly well our kitten traveled. He remained so relaxed the entire trip (2.5 hr drive to the airport, 3 hr flight, and additional 2 hr drive home from Phx). He literally just lounged on my lap the entire time, sleeping most of the time (all sprawled out in the most comfortable positions he could find). He is incredibly affectionate and…funny! He is definitely a precious boy, and we cannot help but just love him completely. He ate a bit, ran around checking everything out, and now is taking a break, purring and laying on the floor. Thank you both so much for loving him and being so good to him while he was growing up. It really shows…no wonder he is such a love bug. It was also awesome getting to go out to Storm Lake to pick him up, meet you guys, and also get to meet all of your cats and kittens; they are the the most stunning I have ever seen in all of my life, and I adored their personalities and dispositions beyond words. Lincoln is so awesome looking! Your house is a heaven for cats! In fact, I would have taken every single one of them home if I could 🙂 Thank you for everything 🙂

Erica in Arizona

Kitten Report after the second day….. Bronte’s motor is in full swing. These kittens are so well socialized!! My Husband got home late last night and Phin was following him minutes after he got in. It was pretty cute. They are eating well, using the litter box like champs, and overall are adapting to Buckeye land really well. When I picked them up the lady at the cargo office commented what sweet quiet kittens– she said usually the kittens they got were not handling their trip so well. I think that speaks volumes for the time you spend with your kittens and the security they feel. I know of all the Maine Coon breeders I could have adopted from I made the right choice. Thank you. As I said I will send pictures in a couple of weeks. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Cheryl in Ohio

Ok I just have to update you on the “little princess”. She is the sweetest most wonderful little creation. She has already filled the house up with her strong but sweret pesence, and she just arrived last night! I’m not getting much done today. We are spending the day getting to know each other. She was very tired last night when we got home and slept on my kids laps until about 830. When she woke she ate used her little box and played. She has a hefty appetite. A girl after my own heart. Shes nuzzled up beside me right now content as can be. She’s going to be a great addition and she’s going to bring us so much enjoyment. I can’t get over her disposition, mellow, confident, smart, sweet and fun. She has only been here a day! She’s been raised right and she’s worth every penny….forget the fact that we will be living off Ramen Noodles for the next year!!! 🙂 Thanks for picking out such a sweet baby for us. We just LOVE and ADORE her!!! Feel free to ask about her anytime. I’ll send some photos too and I’m sure I’ll be gushing about her again soon.

Signe in Seattle

Thank you again for coordinating things in such as way that we could drive such a short distance and pick up our sweet, handsome boy. We took him into his cat condo (large laundry, coat, mudroom) when we got home and he ate, drank, took a bath, got in his bed and went to sleep. See attached pics. He was purring and smiling in his sleep. I think he likes it here! Looking forward to Derek selecting a name so we can start using it with him. Thank you again and we’ll keep you updated with stories and photos! UPDATE: Casey and Domino (our incumbant cat) have become friends. Here’s a photo from a week ago. Casey is awesome. Smart. Comes when he’s called. (As in “Casey, come” without having to do our usual kitty, kitty call.). Fun to play with. He thinks he’s quite the mighty hunter/stalker and has an incredible vertical leap. AND, best of all… He’s a LAP KITTY!!

Diana & Derek in Iowa

Just wanted to send you the latest pictures of Sheldon (on his cat-tree inside and trying to climb an actual tree outside on our backyard – the leash is almost invisible, but he’s always on it for sure). He loves walking on his leash. Thank you again for the wonderful cat – he’s grown a lot and turned into a furry beast :). His tail is like a fox’s – everyone is just amazed about how a cat can have such a tail. He’s very clever, too: he understands “no” right away, and he’s recently started to meow and chirp when called by name. And he’s always very gentle and delicate with kids, which leads to a very well-behaved reciprocal treatment from their side, too. Please let us know when you are going to be at a show in Chicagoland – just so we can stop by and say hi as well as see your other great Stormytown cats.

Eugene, Kate, and Family in Chicago

I know without a doubt, Willie, aka “Prince William” is the best kitten you have bred from Stormytown. He is sooooo beautiful and he is way big! He is not fat but beautifully big. People come to see him not just because of his beauty but his personality. I have leashed trained him and he is such a ham. At night he sleeps with me and falls asleep with his big fat white paws in both sides of my face and his big body on my chest. Such a lover boy. I am so happy with him and he brings joy and laughter to all who meet him. He stands on his back legs to view things he cant see on all fours. I know I could make videos for Utube. When I return home from work, I call his name and he is right there. Yes, you can see that he was sleepng but nonetheless, he reports for duty. When he acts up or is just a little too naughty, a firm reprimand is all it takes and he starts purring and becomes very passive. I take him to the the VA to be a service cat to veterans who suffer from war related depression. Anyone that comes in contact with Willie laughs and smiles, even cat haters 🙂

He loves to ride in cars and has no fear. As I told you before, he loves to go to the neighborhood pub and people will put money in the pool table just to watch him put all the balls in the pockets! They have a litter box for him at the Pub. He is a Rock Star there! He is the most amazing kitten I have ever seen. Thank you for allowing me to have Willie in my life.

Elaine in Des Moines

We wanted to write about Spiffy! He is doing great! He and Wrigley the dog are best friends now running around and playing! Wrigley chases him around and he loves it. He bosses the other cat, Charlie, around. He and Sadie (Newfie) have a mutual respect for one another and you can tell by the way they acknowledge one another in passing. It’s kind of like a nod and they are each on their way. Every morning I give the dogs a treat before I leave for work, well guess who else comes running for a treat? Yes, he loves them and comes running for his kitty treat too. It is almost as if he thinks he is a dog too! and boy is he a TALKER! He is getting along with all family members. Even the 3 year old! He comes up to him for pets and love. So, it is working out well. He is happy and full of love. He is the epitome of a true male Maine Coon. Exactly how you want and expect them to be. We are so glad that we found you and the Stormytown kitties!

Brad & Jenny in Iowa

The trip home from the Airport was successful. He’s such a good boy for having such a long day flying from Iowa to Seattle. He chatted and slept on the way home. When we got to the border, the customs officers were all curious as to what kind of cat we had that had cost that much. When we told them the breed, they all wanted to see him. He definitly stole some hearts. It was a very simple process going through Canada Customs. They asked how much we spent and gasped, sent us in to the office, I gave them his rabies and health certificate to see and they calculated the 12% tax. Paid the taxes and off we went. Simple.

UPDATE: Just wanted to share this little video of Tequila. Please disregard the morning “look” of me. Although we have only had him a few weeks… He is so smart. He has learned to shake!! Kudos to you and Sandie for breeding such intelligent and wonderful kitties. I would have never dreamed of being able to train a cat to do tricks. I’ve read Maine Coons are quite intelligent but to be able to train this easily? Never in a million years.

We look forward to choosing his playmate soon, and would never consider anything but another Stormytown kitten. Probably a girl next time! Thank you for handling everything and making things go so smooth. We were nervous about shipping a kitten from Iowa to British Colombia, Canada… Tequila seemed unphased by the ordeal and settled in so quickly. He is so sweet and confident. You can tell he was raised right!

Lily and Marty in Vancouver, BC Canada

Thought you would like to see an updated pic of Badger. He is now 20+ pounds & doing great. We brought him with us to Florida this year…he is a great traveler! He has been the talk of the neighborhood… many visitors come to see the “BIG CAT”!!!! Everyone thinks he is gorgeous…& he loves all the attention 🙂 What a great addition to our family he has been!

Darlyne in WI/FL

I wanted to thank you so much for my delightful Apollo (previously Stanford). He has been a complete joy. He is so sociable and playful. He knows his name and comes every time I call. He loves to be around people and always follows me around the house. Last night we had a big holiday party and Apollo was the star of the show… he was always in the middle of everyone playing with his toys and socializing. He has never once had an accident outside of his litter box. And, he gets along well with the dog. Last night we found him curled up next to the dog in the dog’s bed. He’s adjusted so well to everything.

You were so easy to work with and you really helped me pick a cat that met my specifications (gender, color, personality). Stormytown Maine Coons is such a professional organization. You clearly work hard to produce gorgeous cats that are very, very, very socialized. I would recommend your cats highly to anyone who is looking for a Maine Coon– they are worth every dollar. And, when I’m ready for a second cat, I will definitely be giving you a call”.

Thanks again for everything, and Thanks for such an amazing cat! Apollo is sleeping in my lap right now 🙂

Anna in California

I wanted to let you know we had Pipps spayed. She did really well, in fact they told us she’d be sleepy the rest of the night. We brought her home & had made her a little retreat in John’s office so she could remain quiet & not do any damage to her incision. Well that lasted for about 2 min. When I went to leave the room she was outta there like a shot, flew down the stairs (not too sleepy) & was doing things she’d never done. Like jump up on the bathroom counter and any other naughty thing a convalescing cat isn’t supposed to do. I was a nervous wreck, so worried she was going to hurt herself. Did you get the last pic’s I sent? I have to tell you, we couldn’t be happier with her. She’s just a beauty, the vet & all the staff had a fit over her. She has the personality of 10 cats & loves to snuggle. She’s growing like a weed too. Her coat has come in nicely & she has a full tail. We are completely smitten. Steve please feel free to give any prospective buyer my name as a referral . I see your on to the next generation of babies. Hope everything is good in Stormytown.

Jill in MN

Steeler is doing great! Where do I start – we absolutely love him! The introduction with him and sophie was the best intro ever. He has more kitten energy than any kitten we’ve ever had. He is very very busy and stand ready to pounce or play at all times and I do mean all times. He has a sweet side too and wants to lick us to death at times. Saying he is a handful is a great understatement! He was being a little wild man the other night and my husband commented – “you told Steve you wanted a character with alot of personality and that’s exactly what you got”! Please feel free to use my comments on your website and we will send pictures as he’s growing. I’d also be happy to be a reference for you. As you may recall, we had such a heart breaking experience with another breeder, so I was very apprehensive. We are so happy with our decision to get a kitten from Stormytown. He’s a happy healthy fearless little guy! He is very friendly and loves everyone, and everybody loves him!

Rochelle in Michigan

OMG! Spencer is an absolute joy! I love him to pieces. He’s become mommy’s little shadow already. He follows me everywhere. And when he gets the slightest bit tired he finds somewhere on my body to cuddle up to sleep.But he has a habit of sleeping on the edge of things, and he slides a lot while sleeping. Guess he hasn’t fallen enough to learn yet, and I find it hard to let him learn in my presence. Lol. So I’m often found cradling him in some way.I’ve been wondering, was he rough on his sisters? Because if he gets a hold of a toy his size he really beats the crap out of it. Lol. And then he kicks himself in the head. Everyone makes fun of his satellite ears. But I think they are cute. Shows he’s got a lot to grow into. He has excellent senses though. He was attacking shadows. The second day he was here he started trying to play our older kitty that we have. They aren’t sleeping together or anything yet but they are pretty much always in each other’s presence and they are playing nicely. I couldn’t feel more relieved! So yeah, Spencer is worth every penny! Love him sooo much!!!

Amy in Philadelphia

Watson is doing great, he is such a daddy’s boy. He runs up and lies on my husband’s chest when we settle down for bed and he’ll pat my husband on the face with his paws and give him kisses haha. I snuggle him during the day though, he likes to sleep on my lap while I’m on the computer. He plays with EVERYTHING lol. He’s been getting some good exercise romping around with our older cat Dave too. They have ‘cleaning fights’ where they wrestle around and try to pin the other one down and lick them, it’s pretty funny. Oh, he’s also extremely fascinated by the toilet and SPRINTS from anywhere in the house to watch it flush. Anyway, thank you so much for this furry little bundle of joy. He has been so wonderful for us and our older cat Dave too. I guess I can’t say ‘little’ anymore, since he is nearly the size of our other cat already. Some of our friends are already turned on to Maine Coons now because of him, and I made sure to show them your website. I still look at it now and then myself to see the cute new babies! Thanks again for him, he is all we hoped for and more.

Emily in Ohio

Just wanted to drop you a note to keep in touch – Danny DeVito is AWESOME! We love him so much and he is healthy and happy and getting BIG! He loves his little brother, the oriental shorthair – and they are inseparable, except when they are getting loved by us! They both love their big sister – India – who is not as big as Danny. Danny likes to be brushed and loved and he is so precious to us. We LOVE him to death. Thanks again for him.

Linda in Wisconsin

We had to send you guys a couple of recent photos of “Scooter” at 10 months. I had several possible names picked out for him and David started calling him “Scooter”. David has re-named every one of our cats! We absolutely Love Him. He is the sweetest, most awesome kitten. You can see what a big handsome boy he is becoming. Our 3 Maine Coons stick together most of the time, play, groom each other, etc., and they also get along great with the other 2 non-MCs. He also gets along really well with the dogs too. He rubs on them and lies right next to them. I enjoy checking your website periodically and love the photos of Scooters daddy…. “Danny” with his cover photo in CatTalk! I think 5 cats is our limit, but if we are ever looking for another one, it will be another Stormytown kitten for us!

Sarah in San Diego

I wanted to relay a nice Ashtee update. She was spayed earlier this month and had a bad reaction to the sutures resulting in staples, antibiotics, a cone hat and lots of visits to our wonderful vet. Ashtee quickly learned to remove the cone hat so we had to keep a close eye on her. We had the staples removed today and she 100%. The vet commented that he sees a lot of nice kitties in his practice but every few years he meets a really special one like Ashtee. She is so intelligent with such a wonderful personality- he think she is extraordinary. The vet also met the owner of the two Maine coons from Stormytown- so you are earning quite a reputation for wonderful cats and happy owners around here!

Jennifer in Iowa

An update of the gorgous “Miss Pippa”. She just had her first bath today. I told her we saved her from having to have a bath every week that she would be getting if she was a show cat! She gets prettier by the day. Her tail is like a fan and she has quite a thick luxurious coat… it’s soft and silky too. We hit the jackpot with this kitten. did you get the clipping I sent from the Pioneer Press? she is such a snuggle bunny. I weighed her on our home scale and she’s almost 14 lbs. Not bad for 10 months. she loves her groceries so we will have to watch that she doesn’t get too heavy. we’ve enjoyed the new pics of the current kittens @Stormytown. you take the most amazing pictures of your cats. Thanks again for Miss Pippa…. we love her!

Jill in MN

Steve, I thought it was time for me to let you know how Cooper & Sophie are doing. I know you see the Facebook posts, but they don’t tell the whole story about how much I love these two babies you so lovingly bred. As you know I’ve owned many cats throughout the years. The last one we had, passed away at the ripe old age of 24 and it was devastating to both my husband and I. For 3 ½ years my husband kept saying “no more cats” because it was so hard to lose them, and after 24 years this one was the last straw for him. I had the need to have furry friends in my house again, so I secretly started searching for a Maine Coon breeder, as I’ve always wanted one of these gentle giants. I found and fell in love with every single cat & kitten you had on your website…I was slightly concerned about purchasing a baby without touching, holding and seeing them in person, but Steve was terrific with the updates & photos…and the video of them made me positive I had made the right decision. Since it was a secret… Steve kept saying “are you sure your husband is going to be OK with this?”.. lol. Well, my babies came home, rode quietly in the car & weren’t afraid at all. When we arrived home it was like they’d lived here since birth. They played, explored & weren’t afraid of all of the folks coming over to see them. I know this has to do with the fact that you make them part of your home & family the moment they’re born. At 10 months old they are both stunning examples of their breed . They are two of the funniest & most loving cats I’ve ever owned. Anyone that says Maine Coon’s aren’t lap cats have never met Cooper & Sophie. I’ve read everything I can get my hands on about this breed, and these two have all of the traits they’re supposed to have, from their looks to their personalities. Thank you so much for allowing me to be the proud mom to Cooper & Sophie. They’ve brought life back into my home, they’ve brought me hours of pure enjoyment and they are loved to pieces (and spoiled rotten)! If you need me to give you a reference for any potential Stormytown kitty owners, let me know, I’ll be happy to let them know how my experience was with you and how perfect my babies are.

Julie in Wisconsin

Steve – Just sending a note to let you guys know how much we adore our Maine Coon “kitty” Lily. She is just wonderful, adorable and very affectionate. We love her so much that we are thinking about getting her a brother (Leo) to play with. Yes we already picked a name. We could not ask for anything more in Lily. She has been so sweet from the moment she got here.

Ron & Arlys in Iowa

Steve… We are enjoying the kittens a whole bunch. It seems that no matter how many kittens you meet, each one is an individual. Glitzy must be the cutest of the cute. She is innocent of all wrong doing….and she does a lot. I have never seen a cat that loved to pull things off table tops as much as she does. She has broken several things. However, she is so cute and innocent that all is forgiven within minutes of each disaster. The kittens are integrating seamlessly with the rest of the pride. Biber wrestles with Badger, very gently and they both seem to have a good time. The short hair females mother and snuggle with them. Both of the kittens seem to be selectively hard of hearing. They can’t hear ‘NO’, but they can hear an opening can 100ft away! Badger is developing to be somewhat bigger that Glitz. He got the name from the stripe across his shoulders. He loves my beard and snuggles and nibbles it as often as he can. Both are growing at a fast clip and are going through the food. Anyway, we are loving our 3 Stormytown kittens and laud you for creating such wonderful companions.

Tom & Carol in Arizona

Hi Steve, Just want to let you know how much we are enjoying Muffin!!!! Jim THINKS she’s adjusting to us nicely, rather WE are adjusting to HER!!!! She’s growing and does something new everyday!!!! She’s playing more by herself and seems so much stronger….knew her name by the time we went to bed the first night….she’s so smart!!!!….She stays by me most of the time and loves to sleep in my arms…all spread out…lets me comb her whenever I want to…clipped her nails as they were so sharp!!!! She was chasing her tail the other day too…she’s so funny when she attacks one of her toys…we have laughed so much in the last 3 weeks….Got her into the vet for a check up on the 24th…of course everyone there had a fit over how pretty she is…said she is super healthy. Everyone who meets her says “look at those feet” followed by “and those ears” We kept her in the hot tub room for the first few night but now she has run (and does she ever gallop when she plays) of the house and thinks the middle of our bed is her spot….When we had our other cats I was too busy to watch them and all their antics….with Muffin I’m seeing all the funny things she does….. Thank you for such a beautiful kitten…she’s so sweet and we love her and are having such fun with her!!!!

Jane & Jim in Illinois

Hi Steve… Just wanted to let you know that Ozzie has completely settled in. As you know we were a bit worried how he was going to adjust to our almost 100 pound puppy. Well, 3 weeks later this is a case where “a picture truly is worth 1,000 words”! See the picture of Ozzy and Pica. We love him!

Chris in Washington

I began my search for a Maine Coon kitten on the FBRL cat breeders website. There are lots of breeders listed there, so I did a very thorough search and contacted several of them. When I contacted Steve, I was immediately impressed with his professionalism, honesty, and eagerness to answer all of my questions and provide me with references from customers. We put ourselves on his waiting list which was quite long at that time, and after almost a year our name came up. We originally had asked for two males, thinking they were larger (which we liked) and more independent. However, we reconsidered when a male (Boomer) and female (Bailey) became available. Boomer is a Brown Classic Tabby (who looks like his “kitty-Dad”, Lt. Dan) and Bailey is a beautiful Brown Patch with white (orange mixed with browns and white paws, chest and tummy, with some of her “kitty-Mom, Shorty” colors). It’s wonderful to have such different looking kitties, and their personalities are so different, too. Boomer is cautious and big and very furry (which means we spend a lot of time grooming him). He sort of lumbers around, leaping (not too gracefully), but always willing to play. Bailey is much more curious about the world and eager to explore and she loves to cuddle with us, often sleeping beside us in bed or even on my lap. It’s so nice to have the combination. We often say how happy we are that we did get one male and one female—two Boomers would be a lot of fur and we’d really miss the kitty affection that Bailey gives us.

During our wait for the kittens to be born and then shipped to us, Steve kept us up-to-date on pregnancies, births, early vet visits and the kittens’ progress. He sent us early photos of the kittens and their litter mates, and spoke to us frequently as we prepared for them with the proper foods, litter pan, water fountain and other essentials.

But the real test came when Boomer and Bailey were to be shipped to us in mid-August, 2013. We had all thought that they could be shipped directly to Phoenix, Arizona—the closet major airport to Tucson where we live. However, we learned that the August temperatures in Phoenix were too high. So not wanting to wait, we decided to have them shipped to San Diego instead. Steve took them to his local airport in Omaha, and waited to be sure that they were safely on the plane. As it turned out, the plane had some problems and kitties and passengers were rerouted on another plane that got into San Diego many hours later than originally planned. Steve kept in touch with us during the ordeal, and made sure that the kitties arrived safely. They were absolutely fine, and we had a wonderful first evening in a hotel in San Diego before our drive home.Since coming home there have been a few more things to learn, and Steve has remained a wonderful resource. He always responds to questions and calls and is unquestionably knowledgable about Maine Coon needs and behaviors.

Like so many others on this site, I would not hesitate to recommend Steve and StormyTown. Oh, and Boomer and Bailey are still gorgeous, fun and happy and healthy.

Thanks again, Steve (and Lt. Dan and Shorty—the “kitty parents”),

Jan in Tucson, Arizona

I have gotten two kittens from Steve. My beloved Karter, a beautiful Red Tabby boy that he raised. I then got Kristi, a Brown Tabby girl that Steve got from a breeder friend in Canada for me. Kristi is friendly on her own terms, Karter is friendly on EVERYONES Terms! I was given a bargain on Kristi, because she came a breeder friend and was not as expensive as his. BUT.. She is not that friendly to people, doesn’t like to be held. One on one she is fine. I am probably going to end up with one more kitten, and have already told Steve that I want my next one to be one that he raised. My advice is dont settle for anything less than a Stormytown Kitten.

Robin in Iowa

Hi Steve…. Was going through my contacts saw your name Thought you would like to see Luca @ 2 years old July 15 He is the most curious of kitty’s we have ever had!! He is a handful and demands our attention all the time. He thinks that we live for him, and I guess we do! I hope all is well in Iowa, and thanks so much for our Luca. He is the best kitty ever, and we just love him. I hope many other “Luca’s” are being born, so more can enjoy a kitty like ours!

Becky in Phoenix, AZ.

We bought 2 girl kittens back in 2007 and 2009 from Stormytown. They have been the best, most healthy cats we have ever owned. Unfortunatly we had 2 cats before this that did not lead long and healthy lives. We spent thousands on our “bargain cats” to try and make them healthy, with no success. In contrast, our Stormytown kittens have been wonderful and healthy. Maybe we just got lucky this time around, but we think it is no accident. We are now (2016) looking for another kitten (maybe two). Our search will be so easy this time. I will make one call to Iowa and wait as long as it takes to get my Stormytown kitten(s).

Monica in New Jersey

Hi Steve,

3/20/17 – I just wanted to write a quick note to update you on Minerva and say thank you! Mini is a stunning cat. She currently weighs just over 12 lbs,at 6 months old. She is fast and strong but still rather clumsy. She constantly makes me laugh. She’s lovely and silly and affectionate and greets me at the door when I get home from work. She snuggles up to me every night while I’m falling asleep. She answers with a chirp when I call her name. She also has more followers on Instagram that I do! I could go on and on about the qualities she possesses that melt my heart. Instead of doing that, though, I’d just like to say thank you. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and before Min arrived I was having a crippling panic attack at least twice a week. I’ve only had a handful since she came to live with us. I’m so grateful to have such a loving, funny, sweet cat. She is such a calming influence. Thank you again for such a valuable addition to my life.

UPDATE: 9/23/17 – We have just just got our second Stormytown Kitten from Steve. What a joy Lacey is. She settled ininstantly. Now Menerva has a playmate!

Emily and Minerva and Lacey in Nebraska

Hi Steve… Just checking in from San Diego, its been 4 years since Mac came to us! He is doing great, he got a little tiny pound kitty as a companion. Same coloring, and they are best friends. The two of them look ridiculous in pictures, a huge Maine coon and a little runt. Mac is sweet and gentle, and strikingly handsome. My lady vet always says he is the best looking cat she has ever seen. If you lay down, you immediately get 20+ pounds of fur on your chest and in your face. He is one cool Southern California Dude, in his own odd unique way. Anyway, Mac is healthy, happy and very loved. Cant imagine my home without him!

Richard in Rancho Sante Fe, California

Hi Steve and Donna… Oberon’s doing well. He’s getting big and has definitely taken over the house. He’s a wonderful cat with a fantastic personality. He settled in so easily. It is easy to see he was raised with a lot of love and attention! We’re all very much in love with him. He is a STAR at the the Vet office. They love having him come in.

Dan and Megan in Iowa

As I mentioned when I picked him up, I’m looking to add a 2nd to the household. I feel it would be beneficial to have 2 when I’m out of the home office for the day. That way they could keep each other company….and likely get into twice the trouble…. Let me know how things look with your list. I want to send in my deposit to save my spot. I appreciate your help.

UPDATE: (2018) – Our second boy came to us, and is just as sweet and beautiful as the first. The two bonded in a day, and are best friends forever. I am so glad that we got two Stormytown kittens. They make the house come alive!

Kevin in Minnesota

Just thought you’d like an update (April 2018). Rascal (Lucas) is so attached to Bruce. Jimmie (Prince) is my buddy and talks all the time. Rascal just opens his mouth and nothing comes out. Rascal will eat anything and everything so we have to watch him closely. Prince is a machine…his neck is about as wide as mine, solid muscle. I would not want to be a mouse as he is so quick. We love our kitties. They poop and pee about 11 pounds every other day. Keeping us broke in litter!

Steve, thank you for our wonderful family members. They are BBF’s!

Bruce & Sharon in Colorado

Steve and Donna are perfectionists at raising their Stormytown kittens with lots of love. Their kittens are playful, smart, full of energy and ready to adjust beautifully to a new home. Ben is everything you could expect to have in a purrfect kitten. Our 5 year old Ragdoll is mesmerized watching Ben play. Stormytown Maine Coon kittens are ready to adjust to all circumstances found in all households. We love Ben and Ben loves us! Ben has more energy than any kitten we’ve raised. He all over you the moment you lay down in bed – purring – and finally settles down up against your chest with his paw on your jaw. We enjoyed our trip to Stormytown to pick up Ben!

Larry & Renate in Illinois

Jagger A.k.a. Stormytown Pharrell is absolutely the most fabulous kitten in the whole world!! He is smart , funny and respectful of my older cat and an absolute joy!! He is everything that you said he was and more!!! I have told everyone how wonderful your cats are. I am looking forward to acquiring a few more in the future LOL. Everyone who sees him marvels at his size and his beauty!! I could not be happier that I picked a Stormytown Maine Coon!!

Cindy B. in New York 

Hi Steve,
We purchased a kitten from you a while back. Your name for him was Michael- he is Bartholomew now. He is huge, which is exactly what we wanted, along with being very friendly, independent, curious, smart, fearless, and a big teddy bear. We will be wanting another one soon. Let me know at your convenience the timeline for your waiting list. We LOVE Stormytown kittens!


Stephanie in Wisconsin

Greetings from Virginia Steve!  We love our kitten and he is settling in so well.  My co-worker is in love with him too and will be contacting you about getting one of her own.  When we took him to our Vet, he commented on how incredible he was not only in looks but in socialization and demeanor too!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Austin in Virginia


Many thanks to Steve and Stormytown for our perfect little Bree! She has been such an amazing addition to our family. Even my husband who said “we don’t need a cat,” is completely smitten with her. Steve had warned me that she would likely have an adjustment period coming home, since she had never been around kids before. The moment she walked in our door she was at ease and at home. The first night home she was already sleeping with the kids. Now she sleeps between our pillows and purrs all night long! She’s also a total hit at the vet, and everyone had to come by to check out this beautiful and unique kitten. She is sweet, mischievous, and makes us all laugh. As my husband would say, “she’s kind of the perfect cat.”

Thanks again for everything Steve. If it’s ok, I would anticipate going back on the wait list for another kitten!
Ruta in Illinois