Our Boys

The key to any Maine Coon Breeder program is their Stud Boys.  We are proud that Stormytown Maine Coons is breeding from the lines of a CFA National Winning Boy.  Ask any Maine Coon Breeder…   The best come from the best!

GC, NW Stormytown Lt. Dan Taylor - Retired

Danny 3-1
Danny 1-HighRes 500

Danny was a 5 ring one show Grand Champion.  He earned his Midwest Regional Winner Title and capped off the Year earning his NATIONAL WINNER Title. We are very proud of Danny . He produced many fine kittens for us. He will always be the MAIN MAN of Stormytown!

Pierre 3-1

Stormytown Pierre

Red Silver (Cameo) Tabby

Son of our National Winning Boy Stormytown Lt. Dan Taylor (Above)

Breeder: Steve Brock

Pictured here at 3 Years old

We figured that our “main boy” here at Stormytown (Stormytown Lt. Dan Taylor) may not breed forever. A few years ago we decided to keep the best boy that we raised from him to carry on his tradition of raising big, beautiful, and healthy kittens here at Stormytown.  Pierre is that boy!  He has sired some tremendous kittens for us, and since he carries Solid, Dilute, and is a Red Silver himself, he give us a lot of variety in his kittens. 

McKittycreek Viggo of Stormytown

Brown Classic Tabby

Breeder:  Jason Huff      Owner:  Steve Brock

Viggo’s mom MckittyCreek Cosmic Design visited us here at Stormytown to be bred to our big Cameo boy Pierre.  After she was bred she returned home to Jason in Ohio to have her litter.  At 16 weeks of age Viggo came back to us to be a breeding boy for us. We have always liked our Brown Tabbies here, so Viggo is a nice fit for us.  He has nice rich deep color, has a nice pattern, strong muzzle, and nice ear tips.   He was a little slow on getting the hang of this “breeding business” but has now sired some kittens, so we have plans to use him more in the future.

TheCatHut Samuel of Stormytown

Red Tabby with White

Breeder:  Geraldine Berry      Owner:  Steve Brock

Sammy came to us as an adult.  He has been a great addition for Stormytown over the past 3 or 4 years.  He has raised a lot of beautiful kittens.  His head is HUGE and he is an all around powerful boy.  His personality is wonderful and he passes it on to his kittens. Sammy is a gentle kitty, and gets along with all other cats (including other whole males!)  He behaves in every way, something a breeder appreciates in a breeding male.

Felissimo King Arthur of Stormytown

Silver Classic Tabby

Breeder:  Svetlochka Terenteva      Owner:  Steve Brock

Artie is kind of a miracle kitty for us. He came to us from our friend Svetochka in the Ukraine.  We had picked him out at a very young age, along with 2 of his sisters. They were 8 weeks old, and about a month from coming to us when war broke out in the Ukraine. Svetochka worked very hard and went through hell, but she got the kitties to us!  He is pictured at 6 months old. You can see he is powerful, and he has grown a LOT since that picture. He is 20 pounds at 9 months of age.  His color and pattern have come in since this picture. He is a very handsome boy! We have desired a Silver Boy for a long time, but it is not that easy to find a good one to add.  We think Artie has it all!  His personality is to die for, and he has already sired some beautiful kittens with our girls!