Stormytown Kittens

The Summer kittens have started to arrive! We have bred a number of girls and plan on having a busy summer with kittens!

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Stormytown "Caitlin" - Blue Tabby Girl

PRICE: Please contact us for Details and Pricing!

Caitlin is a Blue Girl, but she is a Tabby rather than a solid.  You can see the tabby markings on her face and legs. Her pattern will develop and define as she matures.  She has come out of her shell, as many of the kittens do at this stage of their kitten life. She will grow into a beautiful kitty.  I have always liked the soft grey color of Blue kittens.  She is the only girl we have left at this time.  So, if your looking for a pretty girl, dont wait too long in her, as we don’t think she will last long.  Ready to go to her new home as soon as arrangements can be made!

Stormytown "Tony" - Solid Black Boy

PRICE: Please contact us for Details and Pricing!

What a cutie!  Black kittens are SO hard to get good pictures of.  He could end up with the Gold eyes of his mom, or the Green eyes of his dad. He will look like a “Mini Panther”.  Black cats are not everybody’s cup of tea, but those that have them wont settle for anything else. We get as many requests for Black kittens as we do any other color, and we just don’t raise that many. Tony might be the best Black Kitten we have ever raised! Both parents have to carry the “solid factor” to produce a Black kitten. Tony is a nice one! Ready to go to his new home. 

5/31/24 Litter

The mother to this litter is our Black Tortie Girl, Stormytown Casey Lang, and the Father is our Silver Boy Artie.  This is her first litter and she is doing very well with the kittens so far,   These kitties will be ready to go the last week in August.  There are 2 Boys and a Girl.  We will update pictures as they mature! The Girl is reserved. The Red Boy and the Black boy is available at this time. New pictures coming soon!

6/18/24 Litter

This litter will be raised in the home of our Cat Sitters. They wanted to be experienced with baby kittens, so we sent one of our pregnant girls to their house to have her litter there. There are going to be 2 boys and one girl available. As you can see, they get a lot of attention, along with Momma! These kitties will be ready to go Mid September.  There are 2 Boys (Brown & White) and a Girl (Brown Patch with white).  These kittens will go fast, so get your deposit in on them while you can!  Pictures will be updated as I get them.  Thanks to the boys for taking such good care of them, and giving them lots of socialization!

6/23/24 Litter

There are 2 boys in this litter.  Both are Brown & White Tabbies.  One is a Classic Pattern, and the other is a Mac pattern. These kitties will be ready to go Mid September, and show good dhow potential. They will be on the upper end of our price scale. More to come in them as they mature. They are 3 weeks old in these pictures. UPDATE: McCoy is SOLD. 

7/8/24 Litter

We usually do not post or announce kittens at this young of an age.  But we have had a lot of people ask about Red kittens. We wanted to show some are on the way! All the Red’s are Boys, the Patch is a girl. A couple of the Red’s may actually be Red Silvers (Cameo). Hard to tell at this age.  Father is Artie, and the Mom is Bindy. They won’t be ready go till about October 1. Pictured at 5 days old. This is a repeat breeding that raised some very nice kittens last time! We would think that the kittens in this litter should be no exception.  

Below are some Kittens from previous Stormytown Litters. All kittens below are already in their New Homes, and are not available. Click on the pictures to see full size.