Stormytown Kittens

Below are the kittens that are ready to go as soon as pickup or delivery arrangements can be made. Contact us for details and pricing on these kittens.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON THIS LITTER:  Our Cat Sitters had no experience with small kittens, and since we usually have small kittens here, we were limited in being able to leave home.  Our Cat Sitters decided they would like to raise a litter of kittens to get the experience.  So, we took one of our girls (Stormytown Tinley) to their house. She was pregnant with one of our boys (Felissmo Artie). She had her litter there. It turned out to be a great experience for them, and the kittens got to be raised by a family with kids (which we don’t have here). The comments on each kitten listed below come from their “foster family”. Below is a picture that demonstrates how these kittens grew up! No surprise it is “Tink” in his lap!

Stormytown "Tuesday" - Silver Boy

PRICE: Sorry, Tuesday has been SOLD!

Tuesday is the the Co-King of the litter with his twin Tom. He is big and powerful but almost switches personalities when he is ready to snuggle and becomes the most affectionate and loving little guy. Tuesday gets along with everyone, and seems to generally just have a really good personality. He is one of the largest kittens in the litter, and has a beautiful clear Silver Color.



Stormytown "Tom" - Silver Boy

PRICE: Sorry, Tom has been SOLD.

We consider Tom the “Co-King of the Litter with Tuesday”. He is the fearless leader and first to try anything. He is also the first to initiate snuggling – charging into anyone’s lap he sees fit. He does everything 100% – wrestling, exploring, loving, sleeping. He has always had a very distinct look.. almost wolf like, and he has a personality to match. He has consistently remained the largest of the litter.

Stormytown "Tink" - Brown Girl

PRICE: Please contact us for details and Pricing.

Tink is very gentle and loving. She will sit with you all day long.  She was born the smallest at birth, but has passed all but the biggest boy.  She loves to snuggle, and has everyone wrapped around her little finger/paw.  Her Brown Classic pattern is coming in so beautifully. She has nice tall ears and that kind of stuff, but it her personality that makes her shine! 

Please notice the Important Note about this litter near the top of this page. 

Stormytown "Timber" - Silver Girl

PRICE: Please contact us for details and Pricing.

Timber is a very loving little lady. She will often follow her humans around from room to room to just make sure she gets to hang with them. She has a girly personality, and needs to trust you a bit before fully giving herself to you. Once she does that initial caution turns into full devotion.

Please notice the Important Note about this litter near the top of this page. 


Stormytown "Tucker" - Silver Boy

PRICE: Sorry, Tucker has been SOLD!

Tucker is the cat version of a teenager. Look at the picture, you can see it in his eyes and expression. His curiosity often gets the better of him, and exploration and adventure seem to be his top priority. He is upbeat and full of energy and loves to interact in a playful way. 

We have also had a couple of small litters. There could be a couple of Red Boys, and a few Silvers. We will put pictures up when they are ready. Stay tuned!

Below are some Kittens from previous Stormytown Litters. All kittens below are already in their New Homes, and are not available. Click on the pictures to see full size.