Stormytown Kittens

We Have Kittens!! Ready for Immediate Delivery!

Stormytown Lilly - Blue Smoke Tortie Girl

PRICE: Email us for pricing.

Lilly is the personality queen of the litter. She follows you around the house like a dog! The picture does not do her justice, as she really is a pretty girl.  The white paws and chest really set off her colors.  Of course cats of this color are always girls. We kept a girl from this litter, and it was a very hard choice to let Lilly go. She is friendlier than the girl we kept.  We are certainly impressed with this litter and will repeat this breediing when the time comes. Beauty and personality is a package that is hard to beat,  

Stormytown Mac - Brown & White Boy

PRICE: Email us for Pricing.

Mac is a really husky kitten at this stage of his life. His mackerel pattern should fill in as he matures.  He has nice tall ears, and nice lynx tips. He is just a really nicely constructed boy.  He loves to play, and should settle into his new home quickly. Notice his cute “hour glass” marking on his nose!  If your looking for a kitten that should become a big cat, consider Mac! He is on the upper end of our price scale, but we think he is worth it!

Stormytown Lucas - Solid Blue Smoke Boy

PRICE: Sorry, Lucas is SOLD.

Lucas is a color that we have never raised before.  He will grow into a beautiful Boy.  He is from our beautiful and friendly Luna, and he looks just like her. 

If your looking for a unique looking Maine Coon Boy… Consider Lucas!   

Stormytown Eddie - Brown & White Tabby Boy

PRICE: Sorry, Eddie is SOLD.

If your looking for a lapcat, Eddie is your man.  He will sit with you all day long and “make biscuits” in your lap. He is going to be a husky boy, and has the prettiest green eyes.  He is from our biggest boy “Sammy” and our beautiful Silver Girl “Tatum.” My wife will be very sad to see Eddie go. He meets her at the bedroom door every morning. But we can’t keep them all, especially a boy. We consider Eddie the Ultimate Companion.

Stormytown Kale - Silver Tabby Boy

PRICE: Sorry, Kale is SOLD.

We get a lot of requests for Silver kittens.  We don’t raise a lot of them, as it is not our preferred color. But we do raise some. I am not sure if we have ever raised a nice of one as Kale.  He is a clear silver color which is hard to get. We would be a really good show prospect.  He has beautiful pattern, a powerful muzzle, and gorgious green eyes. He will be at the upper end of our price scale, but you cant buy a more handsome boy. 

More kittens have been born and will be available before too long. We have a group of 6 all brown, and all silver Tabbies that will be able to go to their new homes just after the first of the year. We have also had a new litter of Brown, Silver & Red Boys, and Patch girls. We will have pictures up soon. Stay tuned!

Below are some Kittens from previous Stormytown Litters. All kittens below are already in their New Homes, and are not available. Click on the pictures to see full size.