Welcome to Stormytown Maine Coons!

For over 22 years Stormytown Maine Coons have been the Breeders of some of the finest Maine Coon Kittens in the country.  We have placed kitten is every state in the mainland USA except for Rhode Island.

Stormytown is owned by Steve Brock & Donna and was  located in Storm Lake, Iowa for 20 years.  However, we have completely renovated a beautiful home in the Omaha, Nebraska area that now is the home of Stormytown Maine Coons.  It is a wonderful place for us and the kitties to live!  

Stormytown will continue to focus on the quality of our kittens.  It makes no difference if the kittens are going to a show home, or if they will simply be the family pet, our goal as Maine Coon Breeders is to have every Stormytown Kitten be a nice example of the breed. 

CFA is the Worlds largest Registry of purebred Cats. Our cattery is CFA registered, and all of our Winning we have done has been at CFA Shows. We are proud of our show record, and although we are not showing as much lately due to time and travel concerns, we are still raising Kittens that are top show quality in our opinion. That is what Maine Coon Breeders strive for.

To those of you that are considering a Maine Coon Kitten for a Pet.. you can’t go wrong with a sweet “Gentle Giant”.  Ask someone that owns one!   They will rarely settle for anything else!

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Steve & Donna
Stormytown Maine Coons