Our Girls

Powerful girls are a much desired ingredient to any Maine Coon Breeders Program.  We are very proud of the girls that call Stormytown Maine Coons home!

Stormytown Bayla

Brown Patch Tabby with White

This beautiful Girl has raised some WONDERFUL kittens for us. Talk about FLASH! She is an eye catcher. We really were not planning on keeping a girl when she was born, but quickly decided that she was just too beautiful to pass up for a breeding girl for us. We are SO glad that we kept Bayla!  She raises very nice kittens, and is such a good mommy.

Alesana Garcia of Stormytown "Jenny"

Brown Classic Tabby Girl

Garcia (we call her Jenny) has come to us from our friend in the hobby, Elena. She has had some nice kittens for us, and loves the big Stormytown Boys!  We do love our Brown Tabbies, and are glad to have some Brown outcross girls to work into our breeding program here at Stormytown.  

Felissimo Universe of Stormytown

Silver Patched Ticked Tabby

She is a new color for us. There are not lots of Ticked Tabby Maine Coons out there, and there sure are not many as good as Universe.   She carries Dilute and Solid.  So, we have the possibility to raise many colors we could not produce in the past. She has personality galore, and her kittens seem to inherit it from her.   Stay tuned

Stormytown Tinley

Brown Classic Tabby Girl

Tinley is a young girl from our Brown Boy Viggo, and our import girl Jenny. Our plan of only breeding our European outcross girls to our own big boys is working nicely.  Tinley is a good example. She will have the power we like from our lines, with a bit of outcross blood, which we desired.  She will be having kittens soon!

TheCatHut Tatum of Stormytown

Silver and White Girl

Tatum is so sweet and friendly. She also happens to be very beautiful! She has raised some beautiful kittens for us! She is the nice clear silver we prefer.  Her nice pattern and contrasting white make her “Miss Flashy!”

Felissimo Khloe of Stormytown

Brown Tabby Girl

Khloe has raised some nice kittens with our Boy Pierre, and we will repeat that breeding combination for the next few rounds.  She has tall ears with nice lynx tips, good color and a striking pattern.  She is what we look for in our Brown Tabby girls, and we are happy that she lives here. 

Stormytown Bindy

Red Classic Tabby with White


We raise very few Red Girls, and we had never kept one because we like a variety of color in our litters and all of the kittens from a Red Girl will be Red when mated to a Red Boy. We usually like a little more variety than that. BUT… we had never raised a Red girl as nice as Bindy!  So, here she stays!  She has already rewarded us with some Beautiful kittens!

Felissimo Luna of Stormytown

Felissimo Hobbit of Stormytown

We have always kind of liked Solid Colored Maine Coons, but good ones are not that easy to find, and we were not able to raise our own with the stock we had.  We love these two LITTERMATE SISTERS, and look forward to raising some solid black, and solid blue kitties. Some may have the smoke factor added as two of our boys carries the factor required to produce them.  They have both produced some beautiful kittens for us with our Stormytown Boys! This is a new chapter in the “kittens of Stormytown!” 

Stormytown Casey L

Black Solid Tortie

Well to say that Casey is a new color for us would be an understatement!  She is from Khloe and Pierre’s first litter. This is what happens when both the mom and dad carry solid.  We didnt know what to think when she was a kitten, but the color really grows on you.  We love her look, and she is a very nice big girl, and has what we are looking for in a breeding girl. 

Felissmo Kassandra of Stormytown "KC"

Brown Patch Ticked Tabby

 KC was raised in the Ukraine in the middle of the Russian invasion. She is a new color for us.  We had never had a Kitty with the Ticked Pattern. We probably prefer our standard “classic” pattern, but find this color interesting too.  KC has nice tall ears with nice tips, and a strong muzzle. We think she will go very well with our Stormytown Boys.  Thanks to our friend Svetochka for her courage and hard work to get KC, her sister Khloe, her brother Artie, and her mom Universe to us safe and sound. 
We look forward to kittens from KC and her siblings!

Future Breeding Girl

Stormytown Tally

Red & White Girl

 Tally is a daughter and a clone of Bindy.  We have been very impressed with the kittens from Bindy and figured we would keep one of them for ourselves. Tally has beautiful deep color, nice ears with lynx tips, and nice size. Her tail is the biggest of any cat we have!