Stormytown Maine Coons

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Stormytown Maine Coons is located in Storm Lake, Iowa. This is in far Northwest Iowa.  Stormytown is owned by Steve Brock

Stormytown is a rather small cattery.  We are not so concerned with having a bunch of cats, but are very interested in raising top quality Maine Coon Kittens. It makes no difference if the kittens are going to a show home or if they will be simply the family pet, We want the Stormytown kittens to be nice examples of this awesome breed!

Our cattery is CFA registered, and we have been exclusively showing in CFA so far as there are many more shows in our area with CFA.

Many thanks are in order to the people that have gotten Stormytown off to a good start.

First of all we would like to say a big thank you to our friends in the hobby... especially Sue Storten at McKittycreek Maine Coons, and Ramona & Paul Shuba at Shubacoons. They have been a true friends and have provided kittens, stud service, and so much valuable help. Also, , Susan Odom at Verismo, and the whole crew. Better friends cannot be had in the "Kitty Hobby".

We thank all our "kitty friends" for all the help and advice we have received. We have also enjoyed the contacts that we have made and the correspondence we have shared with people from around the country and the world on the internet.

To those of you reading this that are considering a Maine Coon Kitten for a pet… you can’t go wrong with a sweet “gentle giant”. They are a pleasure to have around.

Steve Brock
Stormytown Maine Coons


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