Stormytown Maine Coons

CFA Grand Champion
Stormytown Darby D, DM

Sire: GC Versimo T'Rex of Starcoons

Dam: GC McKittycreek Tess of Stormytown, DM

Brown Patch Tabby with White

Born:  April 28, 2008

Breeder: Steve Brock

Darby is kind of the matriarch of the cats at the house.  She gets that from her mom.  She has raised a lot of really nice kittens here at Stormytown that have done well in the Showhalls. Well enough to earn her Distinguished Merit Title which we are very proud of. There are also many Darby kittens that are beloved Pets in homes all around the country. We will be retiring her soon. She loves being a mother, and has had a great run as the "Queen Bee" here at Stormytown. Her lines run deep here at Stormytown!

CFA Grand Champion
Stormytown Lorraine


Sire: NW GC McKittycreek T'Ruxpin, DM

Dam: GC Stormytown Darby D

Brown Classic Tabby

Born: October 15,  2009

Breeder: Steve & Sandie Brock

Lorraine is nicknamed "Meercat" because she is so curious and loves to stand up on her back legs in the begging position.  She is a nice combination of her father and her mother. We love her ears and expression. She has a ton of coat and nice pattern.  She is one of the most powerful girls we have, and has raised a lot of nice kittens for us. They tend to look a lot like her!  Thanks to our friends Sue Storten and Ramona Shuba for making their lovely boy "Teddy" available to us to Breed to Darby to produce Lorraine. Pictured at 2 year old.

CFA  Grand Champion 
Stormytown Baylie

Sire: GC NW Stormytown Lt. Dan Taylor

Dam: Rickoons Ruffy of Stormytown


Brown Patch Classic Tabby with White

Born:  1/24/14

Breeder: Steve & Sandie Brock

Baylie is our first girl from GC, NW, Stormytown Lt. Dan and Rickoons Ruffy.  She is such a sweetie!  She is brilliantly marked and what a personality she has. She earned her GC at 9 months old, and was the 2nd ranked Maine Coon in the Midwest Region despite only showing in three shows. She has started her breeding career here at Stormytown and we like what we see so far. Some very nice kittens call Baylie "Mom"! 

CFA Champion
Stormytown Tammie TuTone

Sire: GC, RW Coondavi Kaine of Bordeauxcoon

Dam: GC Stormytown Lorriane (MeerKat)

Classic Tabby

Born: May 16, 2012

Breeder: Steve Brock

Tammie  is a "Stormytown kind of kitty!"  She is a spitting image of her Mommy, our  "MeerKat".  She has tremendous bone structure and pattern.  She has a curious personality, and passes that on to her kittens. We look forward to raising more nice Stormytown Brown Classic tabbies from Tammie for many years to come. She decided she didn't like showing, which is too bad as she could have been a big winner for us.

Make Love Not War of Stormytown


Sire: Fife GC DotCom Pablo

Dam: Timita Dione

Black & White

Born: January 24, 2014

Breeder: Connie Veenhuis

Our first breeding boy ever was a Black & White boy. We have not had that color for quite a few year now. When we had the opportunity to bring "Lovie" here, we couldn't pass her up!  She has a wonderful temperment and sexy green eyes. Thank you to Jane Turner, Jenny Charalampidis, and Connie Veenhuis for their part in Lovie coming to Stormytown from the Netherlands, via Canada!

Genie of Stormytown


Sire: GC Rivercats Christopher of TheCatHut

Dam: Aslanspaw Autumn Rose of TheCatHut

Brown Patch Classic Tabby

Born: June 24, 2014

Breeder:  Geraldine Berry

We were looking for an outcross girl for our breeding program.  It is not easy for us to find an outcross that is still "our preferred look".  Gigi does fit the bill. She is a nice sized girl with a lot of coat. She actually is a Patch tabby, but not much Red is showing. Just a bit on her back. We look forward to see what she produces with our Boys.Thanks again to our friend Geraldine Berry for sending Gigi to us.

CFA Champion
McKittycreek Maddie

of Stormytown

Sire: GC Highlander Rufus of McKittycreek

Dam: GC Highlander Libby of McKittycreek

Brown Classic Tabby with White

Born: May 30, 2011

Breeder: Sue Storten

Maddie is the clown girl of the house. If there is any action, you can count on Maddie to be right in the middle of it.  Her kittens sired by GC, NW Stormytown Lt Dan Taylor have been very nice! As you can see she has ears to the sky, and a very pretty pattern.  We love Maddie here and look forward to more kittens from her. Thanks again to our friend and mentor Sue Storten at McKittycreek for sending Maddie to us.

Rickoons  Ruffy
of Stormytown

Sire: GC TheCatHut Oliver of Rickoons

Dam: CH Rickoons Cayenne

Brown Patch Classic Tabby with White

Born 9/30/12

Breeder: Rick & Joann Ruff

Ruffy comes to us from Rick & Joann Ruff on Ohio.  She is a very vibrant Patch girl. She is a husky girl too pushing the scale at almost 20 pounds.. and yes, she is a girl!.  Plus... she is as sweet as she looks!  She has really produced some nice kittens with Lt. Dan Taylor!  She is very playful for her size.  Now we just wish we could get a good picture of her!  Many thanks to our friends Rick & Joanne for this beautiful girl. 

CFA Champion
Highlander Shortcake
of Stormytown

Sire: GC RW Shubacoons Kenworth of Highlander, DM

Dam: GC Alsace Diamonds R4EVR of Highlander

Silver Patch Classic Tabby with White

Born: November 8, 2009

This is a new color for us here at Stormytown!   "Shorty" is a very pretty and sweet girl, and she has had some very cute and friendly kittens for us bred to Lt Dan. We always look for breeding females that produce better kittens than themselves.  Shorty and Danny have been a good match. We will probably retire Shortcake before too long. However, she is in her GLORY when she has a batch of kittens.


CFA Grand Champion
McKittycreek Tess of Stormytown, DM

Sire: GC RW Hamptoncoons Jigsy of McKittycreek, DM

Dam: GC McKittycreek Calypso

Breeder: Sue Storten

No girl has had more of an impact on the breeding program here at Stormytown than has Tess.  We consider her our "foundation girl".  She has raised many beautiful kittens, and no Cat is more deserving of the DM title than Tess in our opinion.  Our eternal gratitude to Sue Storten at McKittycreek for providing this girl to us. Without Tess, and Sue.... Stormytown would not be what it is today.  All successful breeding programs can look back and credit one kitty that was a "game changer" for them.  Tess is that kitty for Stormytown.


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