Stormytown Maine Coons

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Sire: NW GC McKittycreek T'Ruxpin of Shubacoons, DM

Dam: GC McKittycreek Tess of Stormytown, DM

Brown Classic Tabby

Born: March 22, 2010

Breeder/Owner: Steve Brock

"Danny" is the best kitten we have ever raised.  He combines the best of his Famous Daddy and his Mom. He has beautiful Color and Pattern, Tremendous Bone Structure, a Beautiful Expression, and a Gentle and Wonderful Personality.  He showed very well everytime we showed him. He was a 5 ring One Show Grand. He earned his Midwest Region Regional Winner Title and capped off the Year earning his NATIONAL WINNER Title. We are very proud of Danny.  He is producing very nice kittens as our stud boy. Danny is a very special boy in a long line of proven studs, and we are proud that he is our "main man" here at Stormytown.


Future Breeding Boy

Red Silver (Cameo) Mac Tabby

Born:   May 6, 2014

Breeder:   Irmi & Peter Bittner

Pictured here at 16 weeks old

Dieter... (A German name meaning "Warrior of the People") came to us from our friends Irmi & Peter from Germany. He will give us some colors that we are not used to here at Stormytown. Although he is also a total outcross for us, he still has a "look" that is consistant with what we look for in our Stormytown kitties.  We have been limited with our girl kittens that we could keep for our breeding program.  Dieter will open up some options for us to be able to keep some girl kittens for ourselves. Thanks Irmi & Peter !!



Sire: NW GC McKittycreek T'Tuxpin
of Shubacoons, DM

Dam: GC Stormytown Miss Darby D

Brown Classic Tabby

Born: October 15, 2009

Pictured here at 8 Months old

"Spiffy" was our adult Show Cat  when we were showing Danny as a kitten.  We like everything about him.  He earned his Grand Championship title in only 2 shows at 9 months of age. We love his coloring, coat, and boning. It was a very hard decision for us to replace Marty with Danny to use as a breeder.  These are the hard choices that breeders have to make.  We enjoyed showing our "Spiffy" and he is such a sweet talkative boy.  His littermate sister "MeerKat" is an important part of our Breeding Program here at Stormytown.

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