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 The Tragic Canadian Experience

If you have come to my page because of a blackmailing smear campaign against me on Facebook, trust me... there is WAY more to the story!!  I refuse to be bullied on Facebook and blackmailed.  Here is the tragic story.

This spring, I was contacted by a breeder in the Toronto. Canada area.  Lets just call her "Jane".  She said she was getting divorced because her husband (lets just call him Paul) was abusing her.  She said she was selling the house and moving back to the UK. She wanted me to take 5 pregnant girls, and have the litters here. She wanted me to raise the kittens, have me find buyers for them and send her money.  My friends all said... "Are you CRAZY?"  I wish I would have listened! Friends had helped me when I needed help in the past, so I though now it was my turn. I told her that I would do it, if she would send a boy along that she had acquired from her friend in Italy for me to use on some of my girls that I had not been able to get pregnant in a while.  Although the breeder in Italy did not agree to this, she lied to this breeder and sent him along because it was in HER best interest.  I should have seen by this how this woman treats her friends when it comes down to what is best for her.  "Jane" ALWAYS looks out for herself first!

Well, within a matter of days, I drove to Chicago to pick up these girls and the Boy.  Some were indeed VERY pregnant, and in terrible condition. I took them all home and tried my best to get them settled before they had their kittens.

All the sudden the divorce was off (the abuse must have seemed more attractive than having to go it alone), and ALL the conditions we had talked about changed.  I was still left to tend to sick kittens born to a skinny mother who wanted nothing to do with them.  To make a long story short, since I would not agree to her one sided demands, she promissed to smear me in any way she could.  I refuse to resolve this case on facebook. We are so far apart it can only be settled in court. I will absolutely abide by any decision that a court of law makes after hearing ALL of the evidence.  Not just one sided blackmail to attempt to get what she wants, using distorted and out of context comments.  TRUST ME... there is WAY more to this story than is being distorted on Facebook! 

It is too bad that many will read about what is happening to me, and be reluctant to help a breeder in need like I did.  You try and help someone and get dragged through the mud.  The word "ungrateful #&^$%" comes to most peoples mind, and thats why our hobby is in the state it is.  If interested, and if you have a decent reason for needing to know (and not just for childish gossip reasons), email me.. and I will fill you in on the WHOLE story.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.....  

 Steve at Stormytown Maine Coons

Also... THANK YOU to my loyal kitten buyers and breeder friends that have seen what was going on, and called or sent me messages of support.  Many have offered to post messages of support. I told them not to, as I dont want them to be bullied and attacked.  The following notes are among those that were received via email, I have withheld Erica and Phil's and Lori's last names to protect them from the pack of BULLIES!

Hi Steve....  Zaire had a vet appointment yesterday for his annual exam, vaccinations.  Naturally, his vet, techs, etc. made a real fuss over him, as usual. They emphatically explain how they do not see other Maine Coons so remarkable or striking. Point is, I had to rave about you & your cattery, but was horrified (for you) to read your latest homepage message. After I discovered your latest horror, I had to write you immediately. It's probably foolish to ask, but is there ANYTHING I can do to help you out with ANY aspect of any of it.  I cannot help but feel outraged & protective.  My pets are everything to me! Zaire and Aria are inexplicably remarkable, and I have you to thank for them. Zaire is the single most significant companion in my life - he is such a special entity; his capacity, compassion & just presence has enriched my life in ways I never thought possible. I am grateful beyond words for both of my Stormytown kitties. The careful attention, compassion, love & substantial nurturing received in their beginnings from you is indisputable & made all the difference in their socialization. I saw it with my own eyes when I visited Stormytown when picking up Zaire. For someone to say that you keep your cats caged is ridiculous, but even if I had not traveled to Stormytown to see it with my own eyes, my cats temperament is living proof. Of course, I may also have the rare added perspective of having frequent contact and interaction with my mom's 5.5 year old Maine Coon from another cattery ... No Comparison! Anyway, you have my unconditional support & willingness to help however I can. I was not surprised to learn how you tried to help someone in need. It was pretty obvious to me years ago what kind of person you were/are. I want to help. I mean it. Please let me know!


Erica in Arizona


Hey Steve,

I just read the note on your site, and am so sorry about what happened with your Canada disaster. For what it's worth, when people ask me about my beautiful and so sweet Lewie, I brag about what a genius I am for finding the best breeder there is and how my experience with you could not have been better.  Hang in there, be tough and have a Merry Christmas!


Your biggest Missouri fan,   .............  Phil

Hi Steve,

When Jason and I went to your Website just to look at the best kitties in the World, we saw the message about the ordeal your going through.  We are assuming these are the kittens and mothers we saw when we visited to pick up our stunning kitten Matt?  You had told us that they were cats and kittens that did not come from you, but you were helping out a friend in trouble.  When we looked at them, we were sure glad we were getting one of YOURS! Nothing anyone can say or post on Facebook, will taint what we saw with our own eyes when we visited Stormytown.  Plus..  our kitty Matt reminds us every day how lucky we are to have found Stormytown.  We had to wait a while for him, but we always knew where we stood. We loved the process. It just makes sense!  Our friends we referred to you are now sitting at #5 on your waiting list, and are excited about getting their kitten soon! We may come with them to visit again when they pick up their kitten!  Cant wait!


Lori, Jason, and of course Matt! in Indianapolis


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